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The Zuckerman Israeli Postdoctoral Scholars Program provides additional support for up to two years to Israeli PhD graduates who have been accepted to a postdoctoral program with a stipend at an American university. Preferably, candidates should apply to a university that provides more specialized training than they would find in Israel.

Scholars are expected to return to the home campuses from which they earned their doctorates, and to visit other universities, where they will give talks and be interviewed by faculty and PhD students.

weizmann postdoc

They should share insights about their research and about the experience of collaborating with scientists in the United States. Candidates for Zuckerman STEM Leadership Programs are assessed based on their academic and research achievements, as well as on personal merit and leadership qualities, without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or age.

Five out of the 10 scholarships will be reserved for women. Guidelines for the Academic Year. Keep me updated. Home About Overview Mortimer B.

Applications will be accepted through March 30, Full Name. Mortimer B. Overview Mortimer B. Press Room. Zuckerman Institute. Web Development.The following are the types and levels of postdoc fellowships at the Weizmann Institute of Science as of December Faculty postdoctoral excellence fellowship.

Payment of this supplement and the precise amount is the prerogative of the head of the research group, subject to the limitations outlined above. Koshland postdoctoral fellowship. Senior postdoctoral fellowship. Substitution External fellowships competitive and non-competitiveeither replace the regular WIS fellowship or fund part of it. In other words, they substitute for the regular WIS fellowship and are not awarded in addition to it.

If the level of an external fellowship is higher than the regular WIS fellowship then the postdoc is entitled to keep the balance subject to the above-mentioned limit. Travel Allowance Please see all the relevant information concerning the travel allowance here. Note: FGS travel allowance will NOT be provided to fellows holding an external fellowship with a travel allowance that is higher than the corresponding FGS travel allowance.

Postdoc Positions

However, if the travel allowance provided by the external fellowship is lower than the corresponding FGS allowance, the balance will be provided to the fellow. To qualify to receive the fellowship payments regularly, you must meet the following requirements:. Principles The following principles govern the fellowship system at the WIS: Substitution External fellowships competitive and non-competitiveeither replace the regular WIS fellowship or fund part of it.

Requirements for Regular Payment of the Monthly Fellowship. To qualify to receive the fellowship payments regularly, you must meet the following requirements: Fulfill your academic and scientific duties. Complete administrative registration.

Maintain a valid student visa for international postdoctoral fellows only. Maintain valid medical insurance for international postdoctoral fellows only. Abide by the FGS rules and regulations. Participate in the mandatory safety instruction session. Follow instructions concerning periodical medical examinations. Report on absences every month. International postdocs.Founded inthe American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science develops philanthropic support for the Weizmann Institute in Israel, and advances its mission of science for the benefit of humanity.

It is well known that there are fewer women scientists than men, and that encouraging girls to study the STEM fields — science, technology, engineering, and math — is critical to our future. In Israel, which has few natural resources except brainpower, it is particularly crucial to resolve this problem. These cover all stages of education and career: after all, to have a woman who is a successful researcher or Nobel Prize winner, one must first have a girl who loves science. The Weizmann Institute noted that it was here, in these critical postdoc years, that women scientists were being lost: they represent half the students in graduate school, but a fraction of working scientists.

In response, the Institute established the National Postdoctoral Award Program for Advancing Women in Science to encourage gifted female scientists from across Israel to enroll in ambitious postdoc programs. The highly competitive award, primarily based on academic excellence, is granted to women who have already been accepted for postdoc work in prominent laboratories abroad.

As students, girls all too often avoid, are afraid of, or have no interest in physics and technology topics. By presenting physics and technology topics in an engaging manner, in a girls-only group, it is hoped that the girls will be influenced to continue their studies in these scientific subjects.

The Feinberg Graduate School at the Weizmann Institute of Science is known worldwide for its intellectual rigorousness; academic excellence; interdisciplinary, collaborative philosophy; and its international character. The school has been the best scientific minds in Israel for more than half a century — in fact, Feinberg produces one-third of all science and math PhDs in the country.

Women comprise close to 50 percent of the student population, and the Institute is increasing that number through actively seeking and recruiting talented young women scientists.

Scholarships for women offer added incentive and prestige. In Israel, due to mandatory army service, many female graduate students are older, and thus also beginning their careers later, than their counterparts in the U. Many of them also have families. Recognizing that this situation can hinder women who wish to pursue basic research, the Weizmann Institute offers support such as on-site daycare at the Anixter Family Foundation Early Childhood Village and the Joe Weinstein and Major Max L.

Shulman Day Care Building. Children from infancy to preschool age are cared for by a highly trained professional staff, so that parents can focus on their science knowing that their kids are more than safe, and are just a short walk away. Similar to the on-campus daycare, women grad students and young scientists those without private offices who have given birth face more than a few issues when they return, including a practical difficulty: a private space for nursing women to draw milk.

This is a real problem, given that in a recent academic year, 62 out of female MSc and PhD students gave birth Fortunately, this problem is easily resolved by creating nursing rooms across campus. This simple solution provides women with practical support on a daily basis.

Cornell Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics

There are many contributing factors to scientific discoveries, but one that is indispensable is the human component. In order to cultivate this irreplaceable resource, the Weizmann Institute of Science regularly invests in particularly promising young scientists, including providing the support structure that enables them to undertake groundbreaking, innovative research.

In a proactive effort to seek out new talent, the Weizmann Institute recruits an average of 10 or more tenure-track faculty members every year — an effort that provides one of the best ways to increase the numbers of women on its faculty. Being awarded a competitive, prestigious chair signifies that the researcher, already among the best, has considerable potential for being a star in her chosen field.

About Us. Our Achievements.The Institute strives to cultivate the scientific leaders of tomorrow. The Graduate School also oversees the postdoctoral training program at the Institute. We offer a unique, multidisciplinary setting that enables students to learn from the best principal investigators, working shoulder-to-shoulder with them in modern facilities.

All coursework is conducted in English, thereby preparing students for the global endeavor that is science and creating an open atmosphere that welcomes international students, postdocs, and faculty.

All students receive full scholarships for the duration of their studies in addition to living stipends and travel support. The Feinberg Graduate School homepage.

The Feinberg Graduate School. The Feinberg Graduate School offers a unique, multidisciplinary setting that enables students to learn from the best principal investigators in state-of-the-art facilities.

Students are selected based on their academic strengths and their potential for further growth and accomplishment. While conducting studies toward an advanced degree, FGS students are intricately involved in lab work and are often first authors on scientific publications. Students select the research group of their choice; some areas like the life sciences require lab rotations.

Postdoctoral Fellows. Postdoctoral fellows enrich the Weizmann Institute with their experience and have the opportunity to advance their research and enter new fields, working side by side with principal investigators.

Hundreds of international postdocs find their home at the Weizmann Institute every year, and their training here provides a springboard to the next stage of their scientific careers. Visiting students. Visiting students have a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge research projects in a spectrum of fields. The visiting students program Insurance information.Full details on this program are available on the FGS website.

Postdoctoral fellows currently at the Weizmann Institute may apply to transfer to senior postdoctoral fellowship status after years of regular postdoctoral training. Hence please note that fellows that transfer to senior postdoctoral fellow status after more than two years of regular postdoctoral training at Weizmann may stay as senior postdoctoral fellows until the five-year overall training limit is reached, and not longer.

The training period for fellows that do not apply for senior postdoc status is limited to four years at the most. The applications will be reviewed by a committee headed by the Chair of the Postdoctoral Training Program. The review process may include a personal interview. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Post Doc.

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Postdoc at the Weizmann Institute (Rehovot, Israel)

Join us.The Weizmann Institute is home to about postdoctoral fellows, including a growing number from abroad. Postdoc fellows enrich the Weizmann Institute with their experience and have the opportunity to advance their research agendas by working side by side with principal investigators.

Hundreds of international postdocs—from 35 countries—find their home at the Weizmann Institute every year, and return to their home labs with new knowledge and expertise. Already trained in high-level science, postdoctoral fellows bring with them new scientific or technological knowledge they acquired during their doctoral studies in a different laboratory.

The Institute promotes the enrichment and expansion of the postdoc community in a myriad of ways. The Clore Postdoctoral Fellowshipsfunded by the Clore Israel Foundation, funds multiple fellowships every year, and dozens of other supporters around the world fund endowed or annual postdoctoral fellowships.

A growing number of our postdocs hail from abroad, and their role at Weizmann is highly valued. Because of their various nationalities, foreign postdocs offer new perspectives and cultural differences that enrich the research, enable problem solving, and open the minds of other lab members to fresh ideas.

Such relationships are critical for the advancement of Israeli science, and for the Weizmann Institute in particular.

weizmann postdoc

The origin of a large proportion of existing international collaborations at the Weizmann Institute can be traced back to scientists who were once postdoctoral fellows at the Institute. These individuals are also the best possible ambassadors for Israel, as they often hold key positions at world-leading institutions and are influential in their fields.

weizmann postdoc

The new Gershon Kekst International Officeopened inoffers a home-away-from-home for all our international visitors, and postdoctoral fellows from abroad greatly benefit from its services. Date: December 29, Weizmann Institute professor has done extensive study on processes of programmed death in living cells. Date: March 20, Date: September 25, Postdoc haven. Enriching and expanding Weizmann research, postdoctoral fellows help make our labs go.

People behind the science. Date: March 19, The value of foreign postdocs A growing number of our postdocs hail from abroad, and their role at Weizmann is highly valued.

More Stories. Haim Garty. In the media. Molecular genetics expert Adi Kimchi wins Israel Prize for life sciences. Marcus du Sautoy. Curiosity may have no boundaries, but will we ever reach a point at which we know everything?Registration is open from February 14, The application deadline is September 15, We are looking for the brightest and most innovative scholars who aspire to research in Israel and join the Fulbright heritage.

Eligibility requirements apply at the time of application. For full details on all Fulbright U. Scholar program eligibility requirements, visit CIES. In addition:. Note: Recipients of a Fulbright Scholar grant are eligible to apply for another Fulbright Scholar grant two years after the date of completion of the previous grant. For serial or Flex grants, the two-year period begins at the end of the final grant in the series. During its review of the recommended pool of applications, Fulbright Israel applies the following criteria:.

The Foundation reserves the exclusive right to determine, within the framework of applicable law and regulations, the qualitative standards for the evaluation of applications forwarded to it by the responsible agency in the United States. The Weizmann Institute of Science is not under any obligation to provide the reasons for its decisions regarding the allocation of Fellowships.

Please note: Candidates who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States will be given preference, provided their qualifications are approximately equivalent to those of other candidates. Program Overview Registration is open from February 14, Eligibility Criteria Eligibility requirements apply at the time of application. Candidates who have begun their Postdoctoral research in Israel before applying are not eligible to apply.

Candidates who hold tenure-track positions are ineligible. Only spouses and dependent children are eligible to receive visas, paralleling those awarded to Program Fellows. Sound physical and mental health: selected candidates are required to submit a Medical History and Examination Report before their grants can be finalized.

Grants shall not authorize engagement in pastoral, missionary, or other professional religious activities.

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